Prop Rentals Colorado
Hi! We are currently expanding and may start to offer some prop rentals and custom made props for film production in Colorado. We can deliver anywhere in Colorado. We would love your feedback on what you need for prop rentals to help guide us in our expansion effort.

Call or text us at 970-315-2251 or email and let us know what you need.
Help Us Expand
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Thank you for checking out Winter Wagon.

As founder, I am currently expanding our business into a totally new territory of prop rentals. Having worked in technical theater and set design when younger, it has always been a passion of mine. I'm currently trying to get feedback on what types of props are needed so please text, call, or email us.

We will be able to make custom props by end of 2023 and should have a new site launch just for prop rentals by then as well.

Your feedback matters, so please reach out to us with your needs and feedback. 😃

- Sheldon