2024 Pricing

There is a 3 day minimum on all rentals.
You must book at least one week in advance (we will not accept reservations within 1 week)

Season15 Passenger Van7 Passenger Minivan
Dec 1st to April 15th
June 1st to September 30th
April 15th to June 1st
October 1st to November 30th
Dec 18th to Jan 4th

Denver Airport Van Rental

Rent vans and cars with studded snow tires, ski racks, and more!

Rent With Winter Wagon

Winter Wagon can have your rental van or suv waiting for you in the parking lot at the Denver International Airport once your group arrives.

Snow Tires

All of our car, suv, and van rentals come standard with snow tires that meet the traction laws in Colorado during the winter months.

Stick Shifts

You know it. You can rent awesome stick shift manual transmission cars and suvs with us at Winter Wagon. Don't just drive, have fun driving!

One Way

Looking to pickup at the Denver Airport and drop in another town like Durango or Aspen? No problem! We got you covered.

Explore Colorado

Denver Airport gives you access to all of Colorado. So fly in and go explore place like Breckenridge and Crested Butte. You can even cruise to Wyoming or New Mexico with our rentals.

Epic Service

Unlike our competitors, Winter Wagon cares about your trip to Denver or whereever else you may be heading in Colorado. Yup! So give us a try buddy!

Stop Waiting

Stop waiting around and contact us now to book your car or suv rental with Winter Wagon at the Denver Airport.

Mascot Winter Wagon Denver Airport
Co Founder Denver Airport Location

A team with years of tourism experience.

Our team has years of tourism experience. Sheldon, our co-founder has been living in Colorado since 2003 and working in touring since 2008! Winter Wagon is here to help your group find the rent for your perfect vacation in Colorado or whereever you may be traveling with our rental from the Denver Airport.

  • Years of tourism experience
  • Reliable used rental cars with unique features
  • Private transportation available in select markets
  • Friendliest customer service around. At least we think so 😀

Interested in learning more? Setup a time to meet with our rental team about your trip and we will be happy to assist!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get questions all the time, so we decided to post some of the most frequently asked questions here for ya.

  • Do you have rental terms longer than 4 weeks?

    We require all rentals to be checked by a mechanic after being our for 3 weeks. If you rent for 3 weeks or longer we will ask that you take the vehicle to a chosen mechanic for a day during your rental or you can bring back to us to do.

  • Where can I pickup my rental at the Denver Airport?

    Your vehicle will be waiting for your group in the parking lot at the Denver Airport. There is a lockbox on each vehicle for easy pickup. We can also hand deliver a vehicle for an additional fee 🦁.

  • What kind of rental car do you recommend for Denver?

    We currently rent a stick shift manual transmission Subaru Outback and Subaru Impreza Hatchback from our Denver Airport location. So we would recommend one of these two!

  • Will I need AWD in Denver or Colorado?

    You actually don't need AWD when you have studded snow tires, however AWD is nice when having to get in and out of steep driveways in mountain resort towns. Our belief is a RWD (rear wheel drive) car with studded snow tires is better than an AWD vehicle with all seasons. True snow tires make all the difference!

  • Do you rent cars and suvs with snow tires at the Denver Airport?

    Ummm 🙄, our name is Winter Wagon! It is literally what we do 🤓. Yes, we do of course rent year round and take off the snow tires during the summer months, but during the winter all of our rental come standard with studded snow tires.

  • What is your minimum rental age for pickup at Denver Airport?

    Currently you must be 25 or older to rent with our service. We are trying to find a new insurance provider that will allow us to lease to under 25, but until then we apologize to those under 25.

  • Do you have other locations outside of Denver?

    Do you have other locations outside of Denver?

  • Do you accept cash or card only?

    Card only at the moment, but if you really want to pay cash please contact us. We may be able to work something out with a high deposit.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Considering we are new, very flexible. You can cancel whenever except for certain very high traffic dates. No card is needed to book. You will receive an email from us once you book if you've reserved a high traffic date. If so, you'll need to pay no later than 48 hours before pickup, so still pretty flexible 🤸.

  • What do you need from me to rent a car?

    You will need a valid driver license and a credit card. If you are using your own insurance we require you to provide proof of insurance.

  • How is Winter Wagon different than Turo?

    Whoa! Well, we are a local rental car provider not an app. We have live customer service by phone, video chat, and email. We provide specialized vehicles with snow tires and ski racks. We aren't an app. We may be cheaper than Turo we may not be at time. We provide our own product and service. We hope you can appreciate that. We know that 100% of the people will not book with us, but we will give 100% effort to try convince your group you should!

  • Do you offer driver/chauffeur services?

    The short answer is yes. In select markets we do offer ride services with a driver. It is a different service than the rental and we use different vehicles than the rental vehicles. If you are interested in ride service with a chauffeur please message us and we can see what we have available in your market.

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We are usally available from 9 AM until around 6 PM daily, but depending on the season times can fluctuate.

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