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Las Vegas

Las Vegas New Mexico Rental Car Delivery

If your trip to Las Vegas is booked and ready to roll, Winter Wagon can help you with deciding on where to visit during your to Las Vegas or whereever your final destination may be.

Do you offer longer term rental options, like above 1 month in Las Vegas?
At this time, longer term rentals for car and vans are not available at our Las Vegas location.

Where can I pickup and drop my rental car in Las Vegas?
You can pickup and drop in the city of Las Vegas or have your vehicle delivered to the Las Vegas Municipal Airport (LVS) by one of your team members.

Questions About Las Vegas rental cars

What is the average speed limit in Las Vegas?
The speed limit in Las Vegas depends on which neighborhood you are in, but on average the speed limit while driving in Las Vegas is 25 miles per hour (MPH) or 40 kilometers per hour (KM/H).

What kind of rental car does Winter Wagon recommend for driving in Las Vegas?
For driving during any season in Las Vegas, Winter Wagon likes the Subaru Outback, Acura MDX, or Audi station wagon.

Do we need a rental with AWD while in Las Vegas?
Yes, we generally recommend an AWD vehicle when renting a car in Las Vegas.

Do you rent vehicles with snow tires in Las Vegas?
Snow tires come standard on all Winter Wagon rentals during the winter season in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Las Vegas?
Currently, the mimimum age to rent a vehicle is 25 at our Las Vegas location.

Lodging and Hotels in Las Vegas

Here are three popular hotels and lodging options in Las Vegas

For reference we have gathered data on hotel and lodging pricing in Las Vegas.

Average low price of a hotel in Las Vegas is around $91 and average high season price is around $274.

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Questions About Winter Wagon Services

You have questions, we have answers. Here are some of the top questions we receieve about renting a vehicle in Las Vegas with Winter Wagon.

Are there multiple rental car locations with Winter Wagon?
Yes. Winter Wagon has multiple pickup and drop locations for rental cars throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana. Rental car delivery and private car service are available in select markets.

Do I have to pay with credit card?
Yes. All rental cars, vans, and trucks from our Las Vegas New Mexico location must be paid for with a valid credit card. Cash and debit card rentals are available in select rental markets.

How long does it take to rent a car Las Vegas?
The rental car process is fast and easy. You can take care of everything online with our team before your arrival in Las Vegas.

What is the cancellation policy for renting in Las Vegas?
Cancellations are possible with our service. All cancellations must be made 24 hours before to receieve a full refund minus a $25 booking fee during normal demand dates (booking fee is needed to keep the lights on). High demand dates like Christmas and Presidents Day, the booking fee is 20% of rental charge.

What documents do I need to rent a car in Las Vegas?
You will need a valid driver license and credit card to rent a vehicle in Las Vegas, New Mexico with Winter Wagon.

Is Winter Wagon like Turo?
Winter Wagon is run by local franchise operators that are professionals. All of our vehicles are inspected and go through regular maintenance. We're not an app. We're real people helping other real people with their rental car needs in Las Vegas. Take that Turo!

In Las Vegas and beyond

Winter Wagon is a leading provider of winter car rental and transport services for ski resorts near Las Vegas and other resort areas in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana.

Our rental cars, vans, and trucks all come equipped for winter with items like studded snow tires and ski racks (on sedans and certain suv classes only) standard on every rental.

Interested in renting from one of our other locations like Albuquerque, Taos, Santa Fe? Contact our sales team today to find out how Winter Wagon can you get the rental car you need for your vacation in Colorado and New Mexico.

Find all your options for renting a car in Las Vegas or at the Las Vegas Airport right here at Winter Wagon.

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