Sky’s the Limit: Airplane Spotting Around Denver Airport

Denver International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United States, not only serves as a hub for travelers but also offers fantastic opportunities for airplane spotting. Aviation enthusiasts can witness the beauty of various aircraft taking off and landing against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. In this guide, we explore the best spots for airplane spotting around Denver Airport, providing unparalleled views and a chance to connect with the magic of flight.

1. Peña Boulevard Overlook


  • Address: Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249

Overview: For an up-close experience of planes taxiing on the runways, head to the Peña Boulevard Overlook. Located along the main road leading to the airport, this spot offers a convenient and accessible vantage point. Watch as aircraft maneuver on the tarmac, and feel the rush as they take off into the vast Colorado skies.


  • Parking Available: Ample parking space makes it easy to spend time enjoying the views.
  • Day and Night: The overlook is ideal for both daytime and nighttime spotting.

2. Mount Olivet Cemetery Overlook


  • Address: 12801 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Overview: Nestled near Mount Olivet Cemetery, this overlook provides a unique perspective of planes approaching Denver Airport. With the Rocky Mountains in the background, capture stunning photos of aircraft descending against the scenic landscape. The peaceful surroundings add to the experience of observing the marvels of aviation.

Tips: - Bring Binoculars: Enhance your spotting experience with binoculars for detailed views. - Sunset Spotting: Sunset adds a magical touch to the atmosphere, creating memorable visuals.

3. Airport Perimeter Road – 32nd Avenue


  • Address: 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80249

Overview: Explore the perimeter road along 32nd Avenue for a strategic location to observe aircraft taking off and landing. This spot offers diverse angles and viewpoints, allowing you to capture the full spectrum of aviation activity. The open expanse provides an immersive experience for airplane enthusiasts.


  • Variety of Aircraft: Witness a variety of planes, from commercial jets to smaller private aircraft.
  • Family-Friendly: A great spot for families interested in aviation.

4. Green Valley Ranch Golf Club


  • Address: 4900 Himalaya Rd, Denver, CO 80249

Overview: Combine your love for aviation with a round of golf at the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club. Positioned close to the airport, this golf course offers expansive views of planes making their approach. Enjoy a leisurely day of spotting while indulging in a game of golf in this scenic and aviation-rich setting.


  • Respect Golf Etiquette: If golfing, be mindful of the players and adhere to course etiquette.
  • Clubhouse Views: Visit the clubhouse for panoramic views and refreshments.

5. Wyoming Territorial Prison Overlook


  • Address: 975 Snowy Range Rd, Laramie, WY 82070 (Approximately 1.5 hours from Denver)

Overview: For a unique and more distant perspective, venture to the Wyoming Territorial Prison Overlook. While it requires a short drive from Denver, the elevated location offers expansive views of planes approaching from a distance. Capture the beauty of aircraft against the Wyoming sky.


  • Scenic Drive: Enjoy the journey with a scenic drive to the Wyoming Territorial Prison.
  • Bring Snacks: Pack some snacks for a picnic-style spotting experience.

6. Aurora Reservoir Overlook


  • Address: 5800 S Powhaton Rd, Aurora, CO 80016

Overview: For a tranquil and picturesque spot, visit the Aurora Reservoir Overlook. Positioned to the southeast of Denver Airport, this location offers unobstructed views of aircraft as they glide across the sky. The reflective waters of the reservoir add a serene touch to your airplane spotting experience.


  • Sunrise Serenity: Consider an early morning visit for breathtaking sunrise views.
  • Bring a Picnic: Enjoy a relaxing day with a picnic by the reservoir while spotting planes.

7. Wyoming Welcome Center – Cheyenne


  • Address: 5611 High Plains Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82007 (Approximately 1.5 hours from Denver)

Overview: Extend your spotting adventure to the neighboring state of Wyoming by visiting the Wyoming Welcome Center in Cheyenne. The elevated platform provides a clear view of planes arriving and departing from Denver Airport. This scenic spot offers a welcoming atmosphere for aviation enthusiasts.


  • Visitor Information: Explore the Wyoming Welcome Center for additional travel insights.
  • Weekday Tranquility: Weekdays may offer a quieter spotting experience compared to weekends.

8. Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge Overlook


  • Address: 6550 Gateway Rd, Commerce City, CO 80022

Overview: Combine nature and aviation at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge Overlook. Situated to the southwest of Denver Airport, this spot allows you to observe planes against the backdrop of expansive wildlife habitats. Immerse yourself in the beauty of both aviation and nature in this unique setting.


  • Wildlife Watching: Explore the refuge for glimpses of local wildlife during your visit.
  • Photography Paradise: Capture stunning shots of planes soaring above the refuge landscape.

9. Berkeley Lake Park – Westminster


  • Address: 4601 W 46th Ave, Denver, CO 80212

Overview: Discover a hidden gem in the heart of Westminster at Berkeley Lake Park. This park features a lake with open skies, providing an ideal setting for airplane spotting. Enjoy a laid-back day surrounded by nature while marveling at the aerial ballet of planes arriving and departing.

Tips: - Walking Trails: Take a leisurely walk around the lake between spotting sessions. - Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Berkeley Lake Park is perfect for family outings and aviation enthusiasts of all ages.

10. South Platte River Trail Overlook


  • Address: Confluence Park, Denver, CO 80202

Overview: Conclude your airplane spotting adventure along the South Platte River Trail Overlook at Confluence Park. This urban oasis provides a unique perspective, allowing you to witness planes gracefully making their descent over the city skyline. Combine your love for aviation with the vibrant energy of downtown Denver.


  • City Skyline Backdrop: Capture stunning photos of planes against the Denver cityscape.
  • Cafés and Eateries: Explore nearby cafés for a relaxing break with views of the river and planes.

The allure of airplane spotting around Denver Airport extends beyond the well-known locations. Each additional spot introduces a new dimension to the aviation experience, whether it’s the serenity of Aurora Reservoir, the warm welcome from Cheyenne, the wildlife-infused backdrop at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, the hidden beauty of Berkeley Lake Park, or the urban charm of Confluence Park. As you explore these gems, remember that the skies above Denver have countless stories to tell, and each spotting location is a chapter waiting to unfold.

Elevate Your Aviation Experience

Denver Airport provides a playground for aviation enthusiasts, with a variety of spots offering different perspectives of the bustling aviation activity. Whether you choose the convenience of Peña Boulevard Overlook, the serene ambiance of Mount Olivet Cemetery Overlook, the diversity along Airport Perimeter Road, the leisurely pace of Green Valley Ranch Golf Club, or the distant charm of Wyoming Territorial Prison Overlook, each location contributes to an elevated airplane spotting experience. So, grab your binoculars, camera, and a sense of wonder, and let the skies above Denver unfold their aviation tales.